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Helen Davidson
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(October 4th, 2005, 1:12:07 pm)

Community Service - Women's Basketball, Soccer,Volleyball

GCJ Soccer

Be a star - GCJ

Community Service - Women's Basketball, Soccer,Volleyball

GCJ Soccer

Be a star - GCJ

Community Service - Women's Basketball, Soccer,Volleyball

GCJ Soccer

Be a star - GCJ

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October 2005 - August 2006

Are you the coach of a high school basketball, volleyball or soccer program? Or maybe you're a parent, active on your child's school athletic booster club? Are you looking for specialized support to improve the training and conditioning of high school female athletes, and most importantly, to help prevent injuries?

Thanks to generous support for our program, this year high school aged players throughout the U.S.A. can again receive this training through the presentation of the Girls Can Jump ™ athletic training and knee care program., by Laura Ramus, P.T., A.T.C.

Laura reaches out to high school female athletes throughout the country, and personally presents each program to students and coaches during her off season from professional basketball. Laura thrives on helping coaches, parents, and athletes understand ways to prevent the growing incidence of ACL injuries among female athletes, while at the same time improving each player's athletic performance to her best ability. This year promises to be exciting, with so much interest throughout the U.S.A. !

Are you wondering how you can help and get involved?

Laura Ramus asks that as many girls and coaches be invited, whenever possible, to a central location, to reach out to all those female athletes in your community.

We want that first date you choose to be available, so contact us soon as you have an idea! In addition, please help us leverage our time and investment, by arranging local media - like newspapers, TV, and radio to come on out during the presentation. We need everyone's support to get the message out, so that what we have learned on the professional level reaches as many players as possible on the high school and junior high level. Don't become another ACL injury statistic and wish you would have done something about preventing it, after you've been hurt. The time to act is now!

This is truly a national grass roots effort, to help our youth become better athletes and prevent injuries.

What can coaches and players expect to learn and understand from the presentation?

They'll learn proper ways for females to strengthen and condition, and prevent injuries, through the use of scientific practice and playing techniques, training, athletic gear selection, understanding possible predisposing medical conditions and how to seek out professional advice. And lot's more! Isn't it about time that your high school athletes have the opportunity to obtain advanced and up to date training and conditioning information - the same type of information used on the professional level for optimum performance, and injury prevention?

Laura Ramus has done countless presentations to schools and organized athletic programs. Her presentations are informative, and exciting, and provide listeners with improved skills and awareness on how to achieve peak performance, and prevent serious injury.

Ample time should be made available for a question and answer session. We estimate a total time of at least 2 hours, - more time to be allocated depending on the number of questions received during and after the presentation.

What's the cost? Only Laura's airfare and accomodation expenses, and these are to be handled by the sponsor in your area.

How to reach us?

We have a form that you may fill out and mail to us. The form can be found by clicking here.

If you'd like, call Helen Davidson, GCJ Outreach, at (248) 582-0330 with any questions.

Contact us, today. Let's do our best to prevent injuries, so that our young athletes have the best chance they can to reach their goals. 

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