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A New Weight Loss Plan 10/14/02 
Get ready- Get set - Go! ...Understanding reaction times 10/7/02 
Training for Soccer - 9/20/02
Improve Side to Side Movement in Any Sport - 9/16/02
Strength Training for Children - Part 2 - 9/02/02
Should Adolescents Strength Train ? 9/02/02
The Asthmatic Athlete - 8/21/02
Don't Let Lightning Strike You - 8/12/02
Balance - An Athlete's Most Important Tool - 8/5/02
Warming up can improve your golf game - 7/26/02
If the shoe fits, wear it ? - 7/19/02
Get to work on your abs - 7/12/02
Are you ready for Wimbledon? - 7/5/02
Preparing athletes for competition in hot weather - 7/2/02
Early specialization affects skills - 6/21/02
From youth to professional sports, there's a need to get back to basics - 6/19/02
Trainers will help get you in shape - 06/19/02
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